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Ethiopia’s Tigray crisis: UN aid chief says there is famine

The UN’s humanitarian Chief Mark Lowcock said the hunger is still raging in the north of Ethiopia, following a united nations-backed analysis of the current situation.

“I’m hungry,” he said, adding, ” even worse.””

Studies have shown that 350,000 people live in a “serious economic crisis”, such as the war in the Tigray region, as well as in the neighbouring Amhara and in Afara.

Tigray was devastated by fighting between government forces and rebel groups, and more than 1.7 million people had been moved.

According to estimates of the food situation in the region, it has reached a “disaster”, which is defined as the famine, and the death of our towns and cities, in small groups, people who are spread out over a wide area.

The tragedy of the man-made famine in Ethiopia
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The united nations World Food Programme (WFP) and the Food and Agriculture Organization, and a Children’s agency Unicef, of the urgency of the measures to deal with the crisis.

This level of analysis, or, as they call it, is a Complex Phase Classification (IPC) has not been approved by the Ethiopian Government claims that an increase in humanitarian access, order has been restored in the region.

“Death is knocking at our door
The people of the Jim Humere, in an isolated area of western Tigray, according to the BBC this week, and is on the verge of starving to death.
It doesn’t matter to us,” the person said over the phone, explaining to their plants, and animals, were looted during the seven months of the war.

And he said, adding that the militia, which is fighting the government does not provide them with the opportunity to ask for help.

“We had a small scraps, we’ve succeeded in hiding themselves, but for now, we have nothing,” said a farmer in his 40s.

“No one has done anything to help us. We can assure you that all of them are on the verge of death, for in our eyes, and our hunger, and the situation is very dangerous. Death is knocking at our door. You can see the hunger in the face of each and every one of us.”
The residents said that they saw the humanitarian assistance to the vehicles passing by, but no one has ever had to ask about her situation.

In 1984, Tigray, and the neighboring province of Wollo, was the epicenter of the famine, causing a combination of drought, and of the war that killed 600,000 of millions of people.

“We’ve got no food, we are in the face of death.
“The Cascading of conflict effects
The complexity of each qualifying period, presents the event of the kəskinliyini, lack of food, which has been drawn by many organizations, including the united nations, businesses, and non-governmental organizations.

“To update the HP analysis as of Tigray, and in the neighbouring Amhara Far as I’m zones, the conclusion is that there are 350,000 people in the County (HP, Phase 5), May, and June 2021,” the report says.
It’s serious this crisis is a result of the negative impact of the conflict, including population displacement, traffic restrictions, limited access for humanitarian organisations, and damage to, the products and supplies, and to the dysfunctional or non-existent markets,” he said.

It is said that, in May, of the 5.5 million people, there are high levels of severe food insecurity, with the situation in the region is likely to get worse between now and September.

However, the report did not make, it was officially announced that you will have a lot of specific parts of the world.IPC advertising, it is still not enough advertising in the Publication. This is due to the” s-word, the word is not strong, and convincing, in other words, governments and international organizations have agreed that it is only to be used at the same time as they comply with certain criteria.

Currently, the INDUSTRIAL use of the words “disaster” instead a warning that in the majority of Tigray are at risk of starvation in the coming months.

In simple terms, a “stage 5” in the disaster, the small group of people, who are spread out over a wide area, and the word “famine” is only used when a large, and individuals in populations living in conditions of hunger and death. And now, in the Tigray in part because of the lack of security and the problem with that is the need for more-there’s no data to support some of the action.

However, many experts believe that it is often highly politicized debate about concepts such as the make, but is also counter-productive, and of the individuals, such as the united nations ‘ humanitarian Chief Mark Lowcock, they would prefer to ignore the rules and to insist that “there is a famine in the Tigray right now.
Why are the fights in the written word?
In November of last year, the Ethiopian government launched an offensive to oust the previous government, the party, and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (PFLP).

The party had serious differences of opinion with the Prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, on the political changes that the country’s ethnic federal system, even if, TFLF is a capture of Tigray, federal and military bases, was the catalyst for the war.
Mr Abiy, a Nobel peace prize Laureate, said of the conflict, which ended at the end of November, however, the fighting continued.

Thousands and thousands of people were killed. Tens of thousands of people have sought refuge near the water.

All of the pages are accused of several crimes against humanity.

When there was a famine declared?
Lack of food can lead to a large number of people to lose their livelihoods, for food, but it is only in very rare cases, the amount due to the famine, mostly according to the united nations humanitarian criteria.

Long periods of drought, and of the other problems with a fresh, transparent, food safe and cause a famine.

A hunger only be declared at a time when some of the actions of death, malnutrition, and famine, were provided. They are as follows:

a minimum of 20% of the households in the region in the face of the lack of food and limited capacity to deal with
the lack of food, the prices will be higher than 30%
the mortality rate of no more than two people per day-10,000 people
The explanation that it is not Sufficient for the Operations, which do not carry one is forced to the obligations of either the UN or member states, but it offers a focus on Global

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