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Saturday, May 8
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Facebook adds new ways to make money from video content-sanewnetworks

Facebook is launching three updates to help video content creators earn more. Recent changes to Facebook video monetization options include:



  • Generating income from short videos.
  • Expanding rights to more content creators.
  • It’s easier for creators to make money from viewers’ contributions.

The ability to generate income from videos posted to Facebook is available to pages that meet a specific set of criteria. Since the criteria have now been updated, let’s take a look at this first.

Eligibility Requirements Updates


More pages will be able to monetize their videos with ads after Facebook’s match criteria update. Facebook has separate sets of requirements for each type of video ad: In-Stream, Live, and Gaming. Each set of requirements is updated.


Eligibility to Display In-Stream Ads


In-stream ads are ads that are shown before or during a video. To be eligible to serve in-stream ads, Facebook pages must have:

  • Total 600,000 watch minutes with any combination of video downloads in the last 60 days. This may include regular video uploads, live streams, and recordings of live broadcasts.
  • 5 or more active video downloads or previously live videos. Videos must be posted, not removed, and must comply with our Facebook Content Monetization Policy.

Previously, Facebook only took into account regularly uploading videos longer than three minutes when calculating the selection criteria. It now also accounts for shorter video downloads, live streams, and recordings of live streams. In-stream ads are still available to pages with at least 10,000 subscribers. They are not available for personal profiles.


Make money on other types of videos


Pages can now make money from videos in just one minute, giving you the ability to run 30-second ads that Facebook says are minimally disruptive. Previously, you could only monetize videos with a length of 3 minutes or more. Videos longer than 3 minutes may include mid-roll ads that appear while the video is playing, rather than before it starts. Mid-roll ads can now run after 45 seconds of video, which is a slight upgrade from the previous 1 minute checkpoint.


Right to Display Live Ads


Facebook has separate member requirements for pages interested in monetizing live streams. In addition to meeting the criteria outlined in the section above, Pages will have to meet another requirement to serve real-time ads: 60,000 real-time minutes viewed in the last 60 days. Facebook notes that viewing time of live recordings does not count towards this selection criterion.

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