Wants to be well-represented in baseball, is not as easy as it sounds. On average, only 25% of the backswings, to result in a certain sentence that is happening in the batter is the base. In order to improve the dough has a chance, in the K-league Baseball by Arizona firm, C-Motion, the use of the technology, which uses 3-D sensors in order to fine-tune the torpedo development. With real-time intelligence, which breaks down to a batter for each and every time, the coach can analyze the inefficiencies of the batter to hit the ball in the right spot at the right time with the agency.

From about a 40-bats in agriculture, Jerry Sundjens have turned to technology to secure its swing each and every time he was approaching the fire. Like baseball, the Climate FieldView to take a closer look at the Seuntjens high strategy. It’s always been like this.

“Over the years, we have collected all the information about what is happening in each area of the country lets go, cultivation, and the seed of the recommendations, the chemical, application, productivity, and total precipitation. However, we did not have to make any decisions based on this data,”said Seuntjens of the fourth-generation Iowa fermeri, who grows corn and soybeans on a 2,100 acres. “We, the blind can be assumed that what was happening on the farm, and because of that I don’t know anything.”
Since 2013, the FieldView it improves the ability to transform any of the information we have, including historical data, you are able to download this valuable knowledge to maximise the most out of your investment.

“I’m always looking for the options that are assigned to my process. I’m using the data in order to better understand where the man is going to swing it, my chance to hit the base is improving every year, ” said Seuntiens, and, in addition, this all starts with a consistent message. “In my opinion, is a lack of information is worse than not having them.”
But a beautiful, clean, info, The Lady said the farmer, coming to the switch. “We’ve still got a lot to do, in details, the collection of information. In addition, as an avid gardener, and cleanse the data, it does not provide them with any benefits,” says the Mother, the Chief project Manager for the FieldView Cab Software, the Climate Corporation. “We have to take a step back and ask ourselves,’ How do you get a good, clean data? We help our clients to fully understand what is good and what is necessary?’ ”
After that, you’re going to be able to interact with that information, and to cooperate with a reliable məsləhətçilərdir, so that they are able to control costs and improve outcomes.

One of the areas in which, as determined by the Seuntiens, the fertilizer. What is the fertilizer, what is this, your art work. If they are to be applied in the right way, in the right quantity and at the right place, it can destroy acres of productivity,” he said. “I have seen and heard many scary stories about the misuse of fertilizers. As a fertilizer, mistakes are made, and the land hangs in the balance, and it’s hard to get better the seed of the results.”

Estimated at $ 150,000 INVESTMENT from a John Deere self-propelled sprayer, 32 tonnes, as a fertilizer, tender, and empty-fertilizer, waste-paper baskets, along with FieldView, makes it possible for for you to experiment with different types of fertilizers.

“For me, farming is a lot of testing,” says Sundjens. “FieldView will give you the opportunity to analyze the final result will be, so that I have a trust in which in order to evaluate the changes in the next three years.”

Last summer, he and urea at the top of the multi-strip of a corn field. The data showed that the yield was low (around 3 barrels), FieldView, showed that it was one of the driest regions in the same year, as Seuntjens, is on his way to carry out a further test this season. He also learned that he needed to be in order to make a test block is not a wide variety of soil types, may be able to see them more clearly in order to fine tune it.

The essence of his approach is the result of the Sungens now, in order to be able to dig deeper.

“It’s FieldView management tools, which led to the decision to make use of urea,” said the Mother. “We will use this information in order to say,” Hey, are you looking for 5 inches, with the average 30-year rainfall rate, so you may need to have in order to be as aggressive on the application of urea.’ Or, if the ideal of precipitation have also provided you a 30-market-growth, is what I would like to have in order to help you understand how to receive a 50 market growth to a certain soil type, and the potential to make a floating interest rate, which means that in the next year.

Seuntjens, and to assess whether the fungicide, which is suitable for maize (corn). “I’ve been trying for a number of years and, depending on the seed of the class, we have seen an increase in the number from 0 to 9 bushels (one acre) over the last year,” he said. So far, I can cover the costs, as a result, it may not be as effective. I plan to continue to analyze it in order to try to figure out why it didn’t work for me, as it does for others in my field.”

FieldView can also create a report to help Seuntjens to justify the purchase of equipment. “If Jerry spends about $ 150,000, a nozzle, an offer, and the two bays of the building, how does he want to pay off quickly-a seven-year, five-year, two years from now?” “he says it’s a Mother.

It is a cloud-based platform also allows Syntjens to be a simple way to share the business with his brother, Jeff, details of which are more than 9 000 miles from the Earth. “My brother, live in Singapore, but he comes back to the farm in the spring and fall. “At the same time, it can’t be, it FieldView allows you to see the things of what I was doing, how the fields are given and the recommendations made.”.

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