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Tuesday, May 18
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How to Earn $ 52,000 Passive Income in GTA Online Every 60 Minutes-sanewnetworks

There are several important side-effects for GTA Online players, but not all of them are as useful as a bunker on a farm. While Gunrunning allows players to generate new leads and unlock an additional stream of passive income, it is important to understand that this business should not be the player’s only source of income.



As lucrative as they are, bunkers were added to the game as a side hustle and should never replace the import / export business, which is the most lucrative form of income in GTA Online. However, bunkers are still very lucrative and should be on every kingpin’s radar. This article explains how players can earn $ 52,000 in a Farm Bunker in GTA Online every 60 minutes.


To start trading weapons in GTA Online, players must first purchase a bunker. They only open when a person becomes a VIP, CEO or President of a biker club. None of these rights can be achieved for less than a million dollars. The bunker serves as the base for all activities related to the arms trade. Each bunker contains a garage compartment, headquarters, weapons workshop, and research laboratories. Additional improvements can be made after setup and are highly recommended for maximum payout.


Farmhouse Bunker is one of the premium bunkers available for purchase in GTA Online. It is also the most expensive bunker featured in the game at $ 237,500. As the name suggests, the bunker is located in an abandoned farmhouse, and the place itself works as a lead generation tool. It can also accommodate up to three vehicles.


On average, production of 1/110 units in a silo takes seven minutes. It will take a full eight hours to recoup the initial investment cost, which is around $ 375,000 with full renovations. Once the business is up and running, all players will have to show up every 2.5 hours and resupply. The total profit that players can generate is $ 675,000, which means that grinders can quickly generate $ 52,000 in passive income for every 60 minutes.

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