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Macron slap: Four months for man who attacked French president

President of the united states of medieval combat, four months in pre-trial detention, and then they take it up to the French President, Emmanuel Macron.

Mr Tarel, told the court that the law was an important one, but the district attorney said that it was a deliberate act of violence”.

The court heard that Tarel was one of the followers of the right-wing or extreme right-wing political views, and is close to the “yellow vests”movement.

President Macron has said that the attack should not be a trivial matter, but it should be proportionate.

He had left the South east of the school, the hotel, in the town of Tain l ‘ Hermitage, when he came across a crowd of people who were waiting for him at the metal barrier.

Tarel shouted, “Montjoie Saint Denis! The bottom of Macronism, ” a strange, medieval, battle cry.

“In his books, and I found a weapon”, and after that the line is a slap in the face
In this case, was at one time, all of which are condemned by France’s political spectrum, and not the one in the year before the presidential election.

Prosecutors are calling for an 18-month prison sentence for assaulting a government official. The three judges were told that the Tarel is necessary to consider that the period of 18 months, 14 months, and sentenced to probation. In his four months in prison, and is going to take place immediately, but the rest of it will only be played if it is a criminal offence.

The second suspect, who was filming the incident, is charged with criminal possession of a weapon, and since the local authorities have searched his home. He hails from the city, and Discovering Tarel.
What Tarel to say to the court?
According to the AFP news agency, the suspect showed up at the Valence of the court, dressed in the same green T-shirt, which is the apprehension of today.

When we asked why, he was the president of the republic, and he said that we are waiting for the friends of the car, but in the past have seen something remarkable. In the past, he was about to toss an egg, or a cream cake, but insists that he is not going to turn to Mr. Macron.

“I saw it in his friendship, and lying down, eyes looking at me as a voter, I was filled with disgust,” he told the court.

To denounce the president’s policies, he said, adding that he thinks of himself as a part of the movement towards the creation of a jaunes gilets (the”yellow vests”), is pleased to be an anti-Macron object, in the early years of his presidency. “I was moving instinctively,” he said.

Friends, in the past referred to as Tarel as a non-political, and the Found the source of said summed up his policy as an “ideological mess”. On his Instagram page, describing him as ” a historic, European-fighting enthusiast, complete with a sword and a suit of armor.
His battle cry is, perhaps, better known today because of its use in a 1993 French comedy film called ” Les Visiteurs.

Saying that Macron
The president had earlier dismissed the attack as a separate, while at the same time, stressed that: “the ultra-violent people,” do not have to put themselves in the public debate on the issue.At a press conference on Thursday, ahead of France’s involvement in the uefa european Football Championship, he was, too.

“There were moments of high tension and violence in our country, which I had been living as a chair for the Mr. Jaunes crisis. Today, however, it seems to be in a different place.”

He told me that he preferred to leave the decision to the judgement of the judicial system, rather than leaving it to a court of law.

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