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Tuesday, May 18
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Meet the New-and-Improved HABA-sanewnetworks

Broader definition of beauty

How many products do you have for normal hair or skin? This number is about to drop. From skin care products to soaps, shampoo and more, our cosmetics and personal care brands are removing the word normal from advertising and packaging around the world, Unilever said in a press release. In a survey of 10,000 people in nine countries, seven out of 10 said that normal attitudes towards packaging of beauty products in the world have a negative impact on people. This figure rises to eight out of 10 among those aged 18 to 35 years. 56% of those surveyed said that the beauty and personal care industry can make people feel isolated.



Over 70% said the beauty and personal care industry needs to broaden its definition of beauty; and 74% of those surveyed said they want the beauty and personal care industry to focus more on making people feel better than just looking better. Part of that, Unilever stated in the release, is that the members wanted to see a wider range of people reflected by beauty and personal care brands in terms of ethnicity, race, gender, body types, age groups, and people.


With a billion people using our cosmetics and personal care products every day, and even more people seeing our ads, our brands can make a real difference in people’s lives, said Sunny Jain, President of Unilever Beauty & Personal Care, in the release. As part of this, we strive to tackle harmful norms and stereotypes and shape a broader, much more inclusive definition of beauty. We know that removing the normal from our products and packaging will not solve the problem on its own, but it is an important step forward. This is just one of a series of actions that we are taking within the framework of our vision of Positive Beauty, the goal of which is not only to do less harm, but also to bring more benefits to both people and the planet.


There’s also room here for the nutritional beauty perspective that Lycored has been creating for quite some time with the company’s #rethinkbeautiful movement. Dr. Karin Hermoni, Lycored, explains: Much of this movement is inspired by the fact that skin care products and nutrition are independent of skin color, race or age. They only see us at the cellular level, offering a liberating platform for inclusiveness and equality.  For example, a Lycored study found that 72% of consumers believe a healthy glow is the key goal, and health and radiance are achieved through nutritional beauty. Read more in Nutri-Beauty: Look Good = Feel Good in the May issue of WholeFoods magazine.

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