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Saturday, May 8
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Want to find a way to have fun and make some extra money while you do it? This is not only possible, but easier than ever! There are many online gambling platforms where you can instantly make money by playing games such as Dream11, Rummy Circle, My11Circle, PokerBaazi and others.

These gambling platforms have games that relieve stress and provide a great way to have fun as you can play the games anytime and earn instant cash that can be exchanged for a subscription to watch your favorite TV shows or order a new pair of shoes. and much more the possibilities are endless.



In addition, online gambling platforms have many lucrative deals and offers for you that will make your earnings even more rewarding. Users can currently take advantage of the latest offers from Dream11 to earn a cash bonus of Rs 200 when registering on the Dream11 gaming platform. Let’s make the gaming journey more fun and get to know various online games that allow you to make money instantly.



If you are a football lover, but cannot go to play because of the busy schedule, then here you have the opportunity to virtually play the game online. Dream11 platform is designed for fantasy football. It has an option where you can select players to form a team. You can start with a minimum of Rs 100 and also enjoy discounts through various Dream11 coupons and offers, such as bringing attention to the game and earning Rs 200 cashback and more.

Card games


Are you a fan of card games like rummy and others? But it is impossible to play them daily with friends. Then you can play card games virtually by teaming up with your friends online. There are many gaming platforms like Ace2Three, a popular card game platform where all rummy lovers can play card games for free and get cash. On Ace2Three you can find many interesting offers, including free rummy tournaments and more.


There is another popular card game platform for those who like to play card games. Rummy Circle is a 13 card game, a popular Rummy gaming platform. You can make money in your spare time and do relaxation therapy, as you can also earn to shop on your wishlist. There are also various interesting offers that make this game more fun as you can start the game with a minimum of Rs 25, earn Rs 50 cash as a welcome bonus, and more.



Cricket is a game that almost everyone loves to play, and this game is a child’s game that takes you back to your childhood days, but reliving those memories is not easy, but there is a solution. There are platforms like My11Circle, this platform is an esports fantasy cricket game where you can create a team of 11 people and the performance gives you points and you can start playing by investing Rs 25 to make more money instantly.


Billiard game

If the billiards game is not enough for you, then you can play in many tournaments with both singles and multiple players. There are gambling platforms designed for you where you can play billiards and make money. You can start by investing a small amount to learn more about the procedure, and then make money to indulge in your favorite snack or drink.


Quiz Games

Quiz games not only expand your knowledge, but also complement your existing skills. If you’re free and thinking about what to do, then you can play a quiz to improve your skills, and even more amazingly, you too can make money by answering a few questions. Loco Live Trivia & Quiz Game Show is one of the platforms where you can play the quiz and receive cash prizes directly to your Paytm accounts, download and earn 50 rupees.

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