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Saturday, May 8
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Wondering how to become a millionaire? We give you slow but safe tips to achieve it-sanewnetworks

I started life penniless but was blessed with enough dedication, discipline, and dedication to have a very good life today.



In my experience, these are tips for becoming a millionaire.


1. It has never been so easy

There are many tools out there to become a millionaire nowadays, so don’t complicate yourself. There is a lot of money in the world and thousands of ways to access it. The first thing to know is that capital is there and not hard to find.


2. Saving is not enough

In the modern world, the old idea of ​​saving every penny is not enough. Simply put, you cannot raise a million pesos in this way without aging, when money no longer has such value to you.


3. Live below your capabilities

Don’t waste more of the money you make. This is not about depriving yourself of the basics of life, but about avoiding unnecessary expenses. I have never closed deals just because of the suit I wear, the watch I own, or the car I drive. Live below your limits until you have to do it anymore.


4. Learn how to file your tax return

Know the tools that Hacienda has to offer for you. Stop complaining about taxes and find out how they can help you. Remember, there are legal ways to reduce your payments to the government.


5. Investor development

The most direct way to get rich is to invest, which cannot be done if you have no capital. The only reason to save money is to invest. Only invest in projects that you truly believe in.


6. Start acting like a boss

Stop acting like a bad viewer and start being the boss. When the restaurant bill arrives, pay it. When you need to invest money to get information, buy a list, develop your brand, or learn how to sell, you need to sign checks with confidence.


7. Automate your savings

Open a bank account that will be charged a portion of your salary every two weeks. Thus, you will have to adjust to less capital and stop spending on what you really don’t need. And you will always save money.


8. Hurry

Be a hare, a turtle and a millionaire. People who sin like patients are left with only crumbs left by those in a hurry.


9. Do Million Dollar Math

Do the necessary calculations to find out how long it will take you to collect your first million pesos. If you make 50,000 pesos a year, you should consider that if you save 40 percent of your salary, it will take you 50 years to save 20,000 pesos annually. If you don’t do these calculations, you cannot become a millionaire because you don’t have the right mindset. Mathematics is a universal language.

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